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Our community’s strength is in its members.

Renowned designers hold the key to decades-long industry knowledge, while up-and-coming colleagues are skilled at emerging technologies. Some supervise large crews and manage enormous resources, while others are masters at stretching meager funds and materials. Some work within the system, some without it, and some invent it.

Every member and every experience is valuable to all of us.


We are currently putting together the next Gathering's panels, workshops and social events lead by production designers. Have an idea you'd like to share? A subject you want to talk about? A party you want to throw?


We are working with coordinators around the world to mobilize production design communities and find funding sources to ensure diverse participation.

Want to organize your peers to participate in the next Gathering?

Know an organization that can fund the trip? 


We are working tirelessly to put together a very special event, inclusive and representative of our international community. This initiative has been a labor of love, organized by volunteers and supported by our partners.


Your donation will help fund our nonprofit organization in its inaugural year,

and will assist in turning the Gathering into a long-standing tradition. 

The Production Designers Gathering is a registered nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status. EIN: 88-1362917

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