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The Production Designers Gathering

A non-profit initiative created to provide practical training, workshops and conferences for production designers and production design students worldwide. The organization aims to strengthen the production design community, mentor future generations of production designers and promote inclusion through sharing knowledge and experience.

The Production Designers Collective

A group of over 1300 colleagues dedicated to mutual support through sharing knowledge, encouragement and experience. The PDC creates and shares production design content through its website, newsletter and social media. The Collective organizes a variety of international events, from online sessions to in-person workshops, meetups and panels, often in collaboration with design organizations and film festivals around the world. The Collective's major initiatives are the Gathering and International Production Design Week.


Founders' Statement


"Our community’s strength is in its members. Renowned designers hold the key to decades-long industry knowledge, while up-and-coming colleagues are skilled at emerging technologies. Some supervise large crews and manage enormous resources, while others are masters at stretching meager funds and materials. Some work within the system, some without it, and some invent it.

Every member and every experience is valuable to all of us. We welcome your participation and engagement."

Inbal Weinberg + Kalina Ivanov

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