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A non-profit initiative created to provide practical training, workshops and conferences for production designers and production design students worldwide. The organization aims to strengthen the production design community, mentor future generations of production designers and promote inclusion through sharing knowledge and experience.


"Over years of community-building work through our Production Designers Collective we have observed the supportive and positive spirit of our global membership. Our colleagues desire to engage, participate and share, but industry opportunities are rare, especially on an international level.


Our gathering will be the first to acknowledge our community’s need and address it with a pioneering event. We believe that its success will establish a tradition and enrich the film world at large."

Inbal Weinberg and Kalina Ivanov


THE PRODUCTION DESIGNERS GATHERING in Greece is a joint initiative of 

A group of over 800 colleagues dedicated to mutual support through sharing knowledge, encouragement and experience. The Collective enables its members to exchange professional experiences, give and receive advice, discuss current issues in the field and construct a community of like-minded visual creators.


The Production Designers Collective creates and shares production design content through its website, newsletter and social media. The Collective organizes a variety of international events, from online sessions to in-person workshops, meetups

and panels, often in collaboration with design organizations and film festivals around the world. 


Oxbelly white.png

Established in 2015, Oxbelly advocates for both the regional development of audiovisual storytelling while solidifying a new international generation of filmmakers and industry professionals. Founded by Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Oxbelly introduced the intersection of storytelling and hospitality, extending these values to encourage a global community of generous creatives. 


Following the inaugural Faliro House | Sundance Institute Mediterranean Screenwriters Workshop in 2016-2018, which was co-founded by Athina Rachel Tsangari (Trigonometry, Chevalier), Oxbelly’s commitment to empowering young creatives led to the creation of the Oxbelly Screenwriters and Directors Labs. As of 2022, sixty-nine filmmakers and screenwriters have worked on forty-nine projects under the mentorship of their more established colleagues.


Gathering Director

Inbal Weinberg

Gathering Founders

Inbal Weinberg

Kalina Ivanov

Organizing Committee

Fiona Donovan - Australia

Ana Júlia Fortes - Brazil

Diego Garcia - Colombia

Katsuya Imai - Japan

Javier Irazuzta - Argentina

Juliet John - Australia

Anastasia Masaro - Canada 

Lisa Myers - USA

Rohini Jadhav - India

Anne Seibel - France

PDC Coordinator

Jenny Melendez

Oxbelly Coordinator

Katerína Papanikolopoulos

Sustainability Coordinator

Emma Doxiadi

Conference Organization


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